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Recycling Team Leader

Job Description

We are currently seeking to hire a Recycling Team Leader and are ideally looking for a candidate with the following skillset.

  • Waste process knowledge
  • Experience of production & processing lines
  • Knowledge of industrial process plant operation
  • Good organisational time management skills
  • Good verbal and written skills

More importantly than all of the above though, we are looking for team players, who can motivate, problem solve and make a positive difference.

A key operational role, you will report to the shift supervisor, whilst overseeing the day to day running of the line, ensuring the efficient processing of waste and the recovery of as much recyclable materials as we can.

Job Description

· Sorting Operations

Position the Recycling Operatives in the best locations to enable all recyclable material to be removed from the conveyor belt.

This may change regular depending on the infeed material. Ensure DMR waste is processed separately, and the Recycling Operatives are positioned accordingly.

Continuously monitor the Recycling Operatives to ensure correct picking rates and note any missed recyclables. Give feedback to staff as it happens. Take action through staff discussion if you have concerns. Further concerns require a meeting with Unit A shift supervisor and an action plan agreed which may require disciplinary action.

Ensure that identified waste streams are picked and that the quality of the material complies with the offtake requirements.

Ensure that the waste burden depth is correct to remove all recyclable material but also to ensure the Recycling Operatives are fully utilized and the production throughput is maximized.

Contact the digger operator regular if too little waste is on the picking conveyor.

Inspect the bunkers at ground level to audit the quality of the material being removed and that it is in the correct designated bunkers. Give feedback to the Recycling Operatives.

· Cleaning area of work

Ensure picking stations are kept clean and free from obstacles.

In times of downtime put the Recycling Operatives to work clearing their work stations.

Keep in contact with MPO’s to ensure that the bunkers are pushed up to prevent any build up in the product hoppers.

During longer spells of downtime then put the Recycling Operatives to work sweeping and cleaning the ground floor of the buildings and the surrounding areas. Ensure that the cleaning duties are productive and that idle time is not evident.

Have small teams in each area and police the team’s regularly.

End of shift clear down of the areas.

Ensure you and your team have the correct tools for the task and they are returned to the hand sort cabin.

· Monitoring staff

Ensure breaks are taken on time and within the allowed timescales.

Within reason ensure staff take toilet breaks within the set break times and discuss with the staff any misuse of toilet breaks. Discuss this with your team and report to the A Shed shift Supervisor if necessary.

All food and drinks must be consumed in the welfare block only during the break times. Nothing to be taken back to the sorting cabin.

Smoking in the designated smoking area only. Smoking items to be kept in bags or lockers to be collected at break times and not kept on the person in the work area.

· lines of communication

Recycling Operatives will report to Team Leaders on a daily basis with you giving direction.

Team Leaders to report to Unit A Shift Supervisor

Follow direction in morning and throughout the day from Supervisor

Discuss any issue with the team when they occur.

· HR procedures

Follow all HR procedures as written in the company handbook.

Report sickness 1 hour before normal shift start.

Do not discuss or comment any company business on social media as it is considered gross misconduct and could result in dismissal.

Ensure that if anyone speaks to you inappropriately that you discuss this with the person there and then and sort it out so it doesn’t escalate out of hand.

Be careful when using banter that it does not cross the line and upset others.

Team Leaders will be involved in the selection and recruitment of Recycling Operatives.

· Health and safety

Ensure the safety of yourself and others at all times.

Ensure your team are safe at all times.

Report all incidents, accidents, near misses and hazards.

Staff to have correct PPE on at all times.

Contribute to Safe start meetings.

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: £13.00 per hour


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