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Biffa has been at the forefront of the UK’s waste industry for over a hundred years, with operations that span the entire breadth of the waste management process including collection, reuse, recycling, treatment, disposal, and energy generation.

As an approved supplier, North West Recycling have been a key long-term partner for Biffa’s activity within Cumbria and in their efforts to divert waste from landfill.

A Biffa truck driving on a London street


We are incredibly proud of our partnership with Biffa and so thankful to work with a like minded organisation who shares our values in terms of better, greener waste processing. With Biffa being the leading business waste operation in the UK and our site’s ability to process more waste than any other in the region, we are obvious partners for each other, in delivering:

  • Prioritised Waste Disposal Facility
  • Materials Management Consultancy
  • Outsource Skip Hire
  • Large volume MRF usage
North West Recycling Excavator


Our work with Biffa has allowed NWR to significantly expand the amount of waste we can take in and given Biffa access to a cost effective, responsible and reliable waste disposal partner. Highlights include:

  • Processed the waste of over 100,000 tonnes of waste material for Biffa clients
  • Received over 6,500 wagon loads of waste from Biffa wagons
  • Diverted 30,000 tons of Biffa’s waste from landfill this year alone

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