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Making Greener Renewable Energy

Currently any material which cannot be recycled is processed through our production line and transported as dried raw material elsewhere to be converted into other renewable fuel sources.

This is a great improvement when compared to the use of landfill and burning fossil fuels or unprocessed waste.

Our Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) Plant

Our partnership with Waste Knot Energy however means that we will be able to produce high quality Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) pellets on site AND from local waste, helping further reduce Cumbria’s carbon footprint, Co2 emissions from transport and reliance on waste to landfill.

The new plant represents a massive step forward in terms of how the waste industry tackles climate change, reducing Co2 emission equivalencies of burning coal from 3000 kilos per ton to only 108 kilos per ton via SRF.

The pellets are made entirely from non-recyclable materials including wastepaper, cardboard, plastics, wood & textiles, and contains NO FOOD WASTE

This new development will have 3 key benefits for the planet and for the people of Cumbria.

  1. Climate Change - CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels are causing climate change and is unsustainable
  2. Plastic waste – using unrecyclable waste plastic for fuel stops it going to landfill or finding its way into our oceans
  3. Cumbrian Jobs – producing high quality fuel pellets from Cumbrian waste will generate around 60 NEW jobs

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