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Brampton Skip Hire Ltd is proud to be able to offer a first class service second to none and has based its whole business model on repeat business from satisfied customers.

Pay on Fill

A unique option from Brampton Skip Hire, particularly useful if you are unsure about the size of skip required. We offer the option to hire a large 8 cubic yard skip but only pay for the space used, e.g. 3, 6 or 8 cubic yards. This can mean a huge saving for you, the customer.

Skip Sizes

  • 3 Cubic Yard
  • 6 Cubic Yard
  • 8 Cubic Yard (Our Most Popular)
  • 8 Cubic Yard Enclosed
  • 16 Cubic Yard
  • 16 Cubic Yard Enclosed
  • 16 Cubic Yard Roll on Roll off Container
  • 25 Cubic Yard Roll on Roll off Container
  • 40 Cubic Yard Roll on Roll off Container
  • 50 Cubic Yard Roll on Roll off Container

What size skip do I need?

Please see our “Skip Hire” page where you will find details of our full range of skip sizes, including photographs and measurements. Please note that waste should not exceed the fill level/top of the skip.

What can't I put in my skip?

Below is a list of items that cannot be put in a skip:

  • Fridges/Freezers
  • Tyres
  • Paint Cans
  • TV's/Monitors
  • Asbestos
  • Clinical/Medical Waste
  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • Solvents
  • Liquids
  • Oil
  • Batteries
  • Plasterboard
  • Hazardous/Toxic Material
  • Gas Cylinders/Empty Aerosols

If you have any of these items and need them collected, please contact us and we will be able to assist you in their collection and disposal in the correct manner. See Hazardous Waste section for details of what you cannot put in a skip.

How much will my skip cost?

Pricing will be dependant upon skip size, location and intended waste - our operators will be happy to give you a quote over the phone.

Where can I have my skip dropped?

Skips can be dropped on a private property such as your drive or on the road outside your house. Skips sited on the road/public highway will require a permit from the local council. We can arrange this for you (council fees apply).

Do I need permission from the council to place a skip on the road?

Yes. A permit is required from the council. There is a small charge for the skip to be placed on the road. We would be happy to arrange a skip permit for you.

Do I need a permit?

Any skip to be sited on the road (public highway) requires a permit from your local Council. As part of the skip ordering process we will organise the permit on the customer’s behalf. Please note that there is a charge for the permit by the Council and there is a period of notice required for the skip to be sited on a public highway. The period of notice for Cumbria and Northumberland is 3 days, for Scotland it is 14 days.

What if I cannot get a skip permit?

When a permit is not granted due to access or safety issues, we offer a wait and load service, where the driver will wait while you load the skip. Please contact us for further information.

I have no space for a skip and do not want to pay a permit fee, can you help?

Brampton Skip Hire Ltd & North West Recycling Ltd is more than happy to arrange a "wait and load" service where the driver will wait, whilst the skip is loaded.

What width do your vehicles need to get on to my drive?

Vehicle sizes can vary a little but generally 2.75 metres or 9 feet will accommodate the width of the delivering vehicle. If your drive cannot accommodate this then contact us and we will suggest an alternative.

Will my drive be damaged by the skip?

Block paved drives or soft tarmac drives can be damaged when placing skips on them. When skips are collected heavy, stabilising equipment needs to be deployed. This may damage your drive. To help stop this, blocks of wood can be placed down to try and spread the load. Our answer to this is to place the skip on the road whenever possible, it costs £40 for a permit but this is much less than the cost of any damage. Please be aware that once we leave the highway, you agree to indemnify us for any damage that occurs whilst on your property.

What is the average size of a skip?

The most common skips are the 3, 6 and 8 cubic yard models. Of which the 8 cubic yard is by far the most popular. We do have skips ranging from 3 to 50 cubic yards. Click here for more details about our skips.

How high can the skip be loaded

Skips need to be level loaded - any oversized items may be removed to make safe the load. All of our skips are sheeted before removal.

If I put all the waste into the skip it will come above the sides?

ALL skips should be level loaded for safe transportation. If the skip is overloaded and we cannot collect it we will charge for a wasted journey. If you have more waste, why not order another skip? It doesn't have to be the same size as we can provide skips from 3 cu yards.

How long can I keep a skip?

Customers are able to keep our skips for up to 14 days. If you do not call for a removal/exchange by the end of this period, an additional fee of £1 + VAT (skips) or £3 + VAT (ROROs) per extra day will apply.

What does the price of hiring a skip include?

The price of hiring a skip includes delivery, collection, disposal and hire for up to 14 days.

How do I book a skip?

Call us on 01228 672999 to arrange deliveries, collections and exchanges of skips.

How much notice do I need to give?

We prefer 24 hours' notice. However, if you call us early we can offer same day service for local areas. For people who have a tight schedule, we will do out utmost to work around your requirements.

Wait and Load

Brampton Skip Hire Ltd is more than happy to arrange a "wait and load" service where the driver will wait, whilst the skip is loaded.

What happens with my waste after it is taken away in a skip?

Skips are taken back to our state of the art fully licensed Waste Materials Recycling Facility where we recycle 95% of all waste to ensure that the minimum amount of rubbish goes to landfill. Where possible, any residual waste is sent to a RDP (Refuse Derived Fuel) plant rather than landfill.

I need my skip delivered at 9:30am

Brampton Skip Hire Ltd & North West Recycling Ltd endeavors to deliver your skip when you need it. Please remember that there are many factors in the delivery equation that are out of our control (weather conditions, road conditions, hold ups at customer sites, breakdowns etc). As such we will give you an indication of when the delivery is booked for but do not guarantee this time. Our trucks are tracked and we can check where they are at all times to give an accurate ETA.

What about access for delivery and collection?

When you request a delivery or a pick you must make sure that the area for delivery is clear or on collection that the skip is accessible. This includes areas outside your house. If a vehicle arrives and is not able to deliver/collect then you may be liable for a wasted journey charge.

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