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Man & Van Waste Collection Service

Need your rubbish cleared urgently? No problem! We offer same-day or scheduled clearances based on your convenience.

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The NWR Difference

Booking Convenience: Book your Man & Van Service on the go 24/7 with easy online booking. We also offer flexible booking options to meet your timeline.

Efficient Collection: Our skilled team will arrive at your location with our specialized van to collect your waste. We’ll securely load your waste and transport it for responsible disposal.

Eco-Friendly Disposal: Rest assured, we prioritize eco-friendly disposal methods, including recycling whenever possible, to minimize the environmental impact.

Enjoy a Cleaner Space: Once we complete our work, you can enjoy a waste-free, spacious area without the burden of waste accumulation.


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Why Choose North West Recycling?

Environmental Responsibility: North West Recycling is committed to eco-friendly waste management. We prioritize responsible disposal, recycling, and sustainable practices to reduce our environmental footprint.

Experienced Team: Our professional and experienced team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and efficient waste removal process. We understand the importance of reliability and punctuality.

Competitive Pricing: We believe in delivering high-quality services at competitive prices, making our Man & Van Service a cost-effective solution for your waste removal needs.

Local Expertise: As a Cumbria-based company, we possess in-depth knowledge of the unique waste management challenges in this region. We are your local experts, ready to assist you.

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Man & Van FAQs

  • How do I book a Man & Van Service?

    Online or over the phone by calling 01228 672999.

    Booking our service is simple. Contact us, and our team will assist you in scheduling a convenient date and time for waste collection.

  • What types of waste can I dispose of using your Man & Van Service?

    Our service is suitable for various types of general mixed light weight non-hazardous domestic and business waste, including household waste, garden waste, construction debris, and more. We prioritize eco-friendly disposal and recycling methods whenever possible.

  • What are the weight limits for each load size?

    The weight limits for each load size are as follows:
    Mini Load: 100kg
    Small Load: 200kg
    Medium Load: 400kg
    Large Load: 600kg
    (Max load 700 kg – No large amounts of soil – stone – rubble)

  • What load sizes are available for this service?

    We offer a range of load sizes, including Mini Load, Small Load, Medium Load, Large Load, and XX-Large Load, each designed to handle different quantities of waste. Please refer to the product descriptions for load size details. (Max 12 yards light mixed waste).

  • What is North West Recycling’s Man & Van Service?

    North West Recycling’s Man & Van Service is a reliable and eco-friendly waste removal solution that caters to various waste disposal needs, from small to XX-large loads. We offer different load sizes to accommodate your specific requirements.

  • What do I do if I have more waste than initially estimated?

    You must call the office on 01228672999 prior to collection and arrange added items for collection.