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Our Approach

A more complete approach, and a more responsible solution to managing your business’ waste and reducing the region’s carbon footprint.

Greener, Safer Waste Management

Our approach ensures that your waste is disposed of efficiently, cost effectively and sustainably. We specialise in providing our clients and partners ‘full journey’ waste management and recycling services, targeting landfill avoidance and reduced carbon emissions. Not only is our waste collection service greener, but it can also save you up to 30% compared to some other providers.

Our Approach - Circular Economy

Circular Economy

NWR’s end to end waste processing capability enables us to be able to manage your waste from collection through to the production of high-quality renewable fuel sources, and the recovery of 150,000 tonnes of material each year. In this way, we can use, reuse and repurpose more of our resources without needing new ones, making the circular economy a reality.

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Waste Innovation

Across site, we use multiple processes to separate out and recover materials, diverting as much of it as we can from landfill. Our collaboration with partners on new projects, our research and development of new processing techniques, and our early adoption of waste technology advancement means we always try to the most innovative approach available.

We want to partner with companies and assist with the development of emerging waste technologies inc. prototyping, production installation, funding, and premises.

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Our approach to skip hire and sustainaible waste management

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