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North West Recycling – a brand for the future

Last week, we publicly announced the changing of our brand. Including the renaming of the company and the ambitious plans that we have put in place. All to help in the region’s efforts to combat Co2 emission.

Founded in 1995, Brampton Skip Hire was originally established as a domestic skip hire business. While this remains a core part of the business, our operation has grown rapidly and evolved into what is now Cumbria’s largest and most innovative environmental waste management company.

The company’s flagship 30-acre Rockcliffe HQ now delivers fully integrated waste processing capability on site, including collection, disposal, purpose-built recycling facility, and the production of Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF).

The Brand Identity.

North West Recycling - Waste Collection, Recycling, Alternative Energy logo

The plant could help make a “substantial contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions”, said John Stevenson, MP for Carlisle.

“This is fantastic news to see such a substantial investment potentially coming to Carlisle and Cumbria,” he added.

Better reflecting the scale of the business, the ambitious growth plans in place and its greener approach to managing Cumbria’s waste. The decision has been made to phase out the Brampton Skip Hire and introduce North West Recycling, over the coming months.

Our plans.

Part of these plans, alongside the new SRF production facility, will be to add a further 60 jobs.

Collaboration is key to North West Recycling’s pioneering approach to managing waste as sustainably as possible. The team already work with leading industry practitioners enabling it to adopt new processes as recycling technologies develop. They have a new partnership with Waste Knot Energy, with whom they are planning the SRF plant. This represents the next logical step in creating an end-to-end greener solution to Cumbria’s waste.

The future.

Rick Allan, founder and owner of North West Recycling, said: ‘We are really excited at the prospect of being able to play such a major part in helping Cumbria reduce its carbon footprint.

 When we moved into waste management, our aim was to deal the non-recyclable element of waste in Cumbria.”

Allan explains, “The decision to rebrand and our site redevelopment form the next chapter in what we are doing to improve innovation in waste management. We need to reduce Cumbria’s landfill burden and protect the local environment.  This represents £40m of inward investment and real job creation locally. We are incredibly proud to be from the local community and to be Cumbrians handling the region’s waste.”

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