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Our Pay As You Go skip hire service

Our Pay on Fill offering is a skip hire service that benefits everyone. With rising fuel costs and the environmental impact of travel, we want to reduce our miles, saving our customers and ourselves money by only coming to collecting your waste once. 

It is often difficult to estimate what size of skip you require from looking at a pile of waste. Maybe, it could be a house clearance with items of furniture and carpets in multiple rooms. Or it could be a earthworks project but until you see what the ground conditions are like underneath the surface you cannot be certain how much you will need to excavate. 

A common problem we hear is that you may order a 3 cubic yard skip and then often realise that you need 8 cubic yards. And therefore needing to pay for a second or even 3rd hire & collection. 

This service allows you to have the benefit of a large skip without having to be committed to paying the full price. Order an 8 yard skip on Pay On Fill and if you only fill it to 3 cubic yards you only pay for a 3 yard skip.

And remember, even if you end up filling the 8 yard kip. its a much better price that renting 3 x 3 yard small skips and better for the environment too.

To book a skip via Pay On Fill click HERE

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