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Our Community

NWR are proud to give something back to the communities in which we operate. We host site liaison groups and educational visits, provide community updates, fund biodiversity schemes throughout Cumbria, and actively encourage employees to volunteer.

In 2019 we launched our £1 donation per skip hire campaign which generates over £60,000 per year for local good causes.

Supporting Local Charities

Serving and supporting the local communities, especially the more vulnerable, plays an important part in our Corporate Responsibility Strategy (CRS). Each quarter from staff suggestions, we select a local charity to support and raise money for – each one selected by a panel of staff and customers.

Children recycling

Educational Initiatives

Pupils or staff groups are always welcome to come and see recycling in action. Explore the history of waste and learn about the energy wasted by throwing away items rather than recycling them. You can view waste truck loads being monitored on our weighbridges, check out our skip wagons, meet the drivers, and see our plant machinery in action.

Pupils are also given practical advice on which materials can be recycled and see how this happens, with an emphasis on the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – and find out what they can do to put them into practice.

Bio Diversity

With our farming heritage, the protection and safeguarding of the local environment is something we are passionate about at NWR, and we are always happy to support local green initiatives.

Over the years, we have undertaken litter picking, rewilding and riverway protection projects, alongside supporting several local nature charities.

Our community approach the serving the local area. Read More. Carlisle Youth Zone

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